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  Owen Speid, President-elect of the Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA), has accepted that a meeting needs to be convened with the Ministry of Education to discuss concerns regarding the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) scaled score system.   Mr. Speid has maintained that the scoring format is unacceptable as it is difficult to understand.   His response follows a statement issued Thursday by the Ministry rejecting his accusations about the PEP results.   Among other things, Mr. Speid said the Ministry engaged in a plot to cover up scores.   He also accused the Ministry of combining the Performance Task scores with those of the Curriculum Based Tests in order to hide marks.    Speaking with RJR News Thursday, Mr. Speid said it is important that a wide ranging discussion be held about matters affecting the education sector.   At the same time, he said he viewed the Ministry’s response as a personal attack.    “It is just very, very unfortunate that the first chance our minister got to address a matter in public that he has chosen to attack an official of the JTA in a very personal way. Look at the language used. He was saying that someone who ‘purports’ to be in the JTA. To purport means that you’re really posing as a leader. That is a personal attack. To say that I am intellectually dishonest; that’s a personal attack,” he argued.     The Ministry said it engaged in islandwide focus group discussions and workshops to share the new format and get feedback from parents and teachers.    It said these took place in June 2016, throughout much of 2017 and reviewed in May this year.    


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