Mayaro Has Jazz today - EntornoInteligente / News day / In its fourth year, Mayaro Has Jazz IV is offering jazz lovers and potential attendees a combination of, “spoken word, dance, drama and music…” This year’s event takes place today at Queen’s Beach Resort from 5pm and its theme is DIVA –A Spoken Jazz Experience (Divine, Inspired, Virtuous and Anointed) and it is dedicated to the country’s women. In a release on the event, the Mayaro Has Jazz committee said: “The intent is to establish a conscious and connected communion with each other in a time where many of our womenfolk no longer feel loved, respected and safe.

“The concert takes you on a journey of evolution from girl to goddess, a time when many of our sisters are awakening to that divine essence within and without. As we all recalibrate to co-create harmony and balance many of the sacred roles they play shall be radiantly displayed in a musical, visual and fantastic modern expression.” Spoken word artistes Zakiya Gill, Ivory Hayes, Charnell Lucien, vocalists Trevor Lynch Jr and Josiah Charleau, Nerukhi, DPE Management Models, Ann-Marie Jemmette, Bossa Nova the band, TV personality Keevan Lewis of Keevo TV and radio personality Luan John are scheduled to perform at the event.

Bossa Nova Jazz Link established the event and members described themselves as, “a group of established young entertainers with diverse musical backgrounds and talents who have joined forces for the education and promotion of jazz and other forms of quality entertainment throughout the country.” Tickets cost $100.

Mayaro Has Jazz today

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