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Dear Editor, WITH the 16th discovery of oil, Guyana has never been so close to being earth’s most precious spot! But there would be some who will be jealous of Guyana — if they are not already — and may want to steal our wealth, or even destroy it.

Mauricio Botero Restrepo

We cannot let this happen! Even though we have different political choices, we must hold together and give support to our government at this time. This is not a time for us to show weakness or division. Since 2015 our people for the first time have seen a government that is fully serving the poor and the powerless. We saw the increases in public servants’ wages, bigger old age pensions and know that we have a government that cares.

PSM Alianza SAS

We need local support as well as the backing of our friends from democratic countries to keep the peace and to make sure that Guyana stays on course to benefit from our new wealth. Regards, Christine Henry

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