Man Dies After Being Squeezed Between JUTC Bus And Trailer - EntornoInteligente /

  An unidentified man died after he was squeezed between a Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) bus and a trailer near the Meadowrest Memorial Gardens in St. Catherine Sunday afternoon.   An alleged eyewitness reported seeing the man jump onto the side of a moving trailer.   The eyewitness said the man hung from the side of the trailer but was squeezed between the trailer and the JUTC bus as they passed each other going in opposite directions.    The man reportedly fell and was then crushed by one of the vehicles.    The JUTC driver told RJR News that he tried to avoid the incident as he had pulled over when he saw the trailer approaching with a man hanging from it.    However, he said the trailer proceeded at speed which caused the hanging man to hit into the bus.   


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