MacDonald College welcomes music lab and recording studio

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The doors to a newly launched music lab and recording studio was recently opened at MacDonald College, in St Patrick.

The project initiated by the Division of Culture, within the Ministry of Youth Development, Sports, Culture and the Arts, seeks to engage Students of MacDonald College, Mt Rose SDA and the TA Marryshow Community College, St Patrick, in its initial stage.

The ribbon, to signal the official opening of the lab, was cut by musical icons Kellon Ogiste and Kelson Ogiste «Luni Spark & Electrify.»

Senior Cultural Officer with responsibility for Music, Adrian Mark, speaking at the launch, said the lab will focus on music theory, instrument teaching, live sound and music production technology.

«In the lab itself, we’ll be teaching music theory, students will learn to read and write music up to grade three level. We’ll teach instruments, students will be able to set up a simple public address system, also we will create live bands,» said Mark.

A passionate Minister of Culture, Norland Cox, spoke of Government’s role in providing the enabling environment through the birth of this project, with the aim of putting mechanisms in place for growth in developing the creative industry.

The minister stated, «We recognise that there are immense opportunities, in the area of the creative industry, opportunities to create a livelihood, new careers. We’re not asking persons to shy away from the traditional areas but we believe that there’s significant value in the creative industry that persons can make a livelihood from.»

Parliamentary Representative for the constituency of St Patrick West, Anthony Boatswain, who was also present at the lab’s opening, welcomed the initiative and spoke of the importance of investment in the Music Industry.

Music lab and recording studio at MacDonald College, St Patrick The lab was funded by the Government of Grenada at a cost of US$ 25,000.

The lab at MacDonald College is one of 3 sites identified by the Division of Culture. The other 2 are the TA Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) and the St Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School (SAASS).

The SAASS component is nearing completion and will be launched at the end of April 2020.

Division of Culture

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