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Dear Editor, I AM totally ignorant of the Constitution of Guyana and anything pertaining to the Commonwealth of Nations laws or whatever it is referred to with regard to who has voting rights.

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Feel free to educate me and I was schooled that the refugees currently in Guyana in large numbers have absolutely no voting rights. I have about six and counting close relatives who are of mixed race and some Indigenous Peoples who were born to Guyanese parents residing in Venezuela and currently stationed in the North West District, Region One. If there is a registration process, can they at least register to obtain a Guyana identification card and passports respectively?

Guyana currently has its National Football Team members who were born in a foreign land to Guyanese parents, carry Guyanese passports respectively and lives abroad.

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Does it apply to them as the same to the refugees that they don’t have any voting rights in Guyana? If both parties in question have no voting rights, it simply means no political party will benefit. Regards Trevor Pemberton


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