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25/06/2018 – Jamaica Gleaner. / THE EDITOR, Sir:

If we start out on the premise that true justice is not dichotomous or variegated, then we may arrive at a fair and impartial conclusion from the investigation into these egregious allegations bedevilling Petrojam.

The general secretary of the governing Jamaica Labour Party, Dr Horace Chang, apparently doesn’t see it that way. He thinks it’s more prudent to include into the investigation how Petrojam was previously managed under the People’s National Party administration.

This apparently is a furtive attempt to politicise the matter. Clearly, this stratagem will no doubt open doors for the political spin doctors, the sympathizers, the apologists and those who are passengers on the gravy train.

Their job description no doubt will be to obfuscate the matter as much as possible. After all, people’s reputation and character are at stake here and these people belong to one political party or the other, and the mantra is, party above country, and ultimately above justice.

If one is able to read between the lines of the statements made by Dr Chang, one will discern that the artillery being relied on to neutralize these allegations under investigation at Petrojam is the tu quoque . The tu quoque has been used on many occasions in the past. Basically, it’s saying, you have done it in the past, so nothing is wrong if we do it now. It is highly effective and is a permanent weapon in the arsenal of both political parties.

Nurville Mcleod



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