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This festival will include over 70 films made by Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists.

The Aymara, Azteca, Embera, Guarani, Mapuche, Maya, and Zapoteco peoples are some of the Latin American cultures that are represented in the Indigenous Cinema and Video (C&V) Festival, which starts on Tuesday in Chile and seeks to make their worldviews visible.


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“The show is a political act because we are telling viewers that there is another look at what the mainstream media show. There is another voice that can be heard,” the C&V Festival Director Alicia Herrera said.

Organized by the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art and the Culture Ministry, the 14th edition of this festival will be held online because of the COVID-19 pandemic and will include a selection of over 70 films made by Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists.

Argentine’s “Four Lonkos” is one of those films that will be screened until September 7. Its story reviews the lives of four Indigenous leaders who were assassinated by the Argentine state in 1878, during the occupation of the Indigenous territories in Pampa and Patagonia, a genocide that left over 14,000 persons killed.

“The Mapuche were beaten and suffered knife wounds, while their vehicles were set alight. Women, elderly people and children were present. The police allowed the attack and even coordinated with the far-right”

— Alex Moody (@MoodyBlx) August 24, 2020 Chile will show “Amucha”, an animated film set in the 14th century that deepens the relationship between a Mapuche grandfather and his granddaughter.

The film will be exhibited precisely amid the escalating tension of the so-called “Mapuche conflict,” which for decades has confronted members of this community with agricultural and forestry companies.

In September and November, online exhibitions of the C&V Festival will be hosted in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Mexico.


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