John Legend loves doing collabs with ‘dope’ artistes like Ye

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John Legend loved «bringing hip and soul together» with Kanye West during the beginning of music career.

The Dope hitmaker says the Jesus Walks rapper, who legally change his name to ‘Ye’ last year, helped him craft his work by producing songs with him for his 2004 debut Get Lifted and «connecting» him with other industry heavyweights, such as Rick Ross.

The 43-year-old musician told Eddie Francis on Apple Music 1 on Wednesday, «I’ve just been collaborating with so many dope artistes throughout my career. I started with Kanye at GOOD. Music and our whole thing was bringing hip hop and soul together. So I was on a lot of his tracks … a lot of tracks he was producing for other people … he was producing my tracks and connecting me with other people in hip hop so there’s always been a lot of collaborations in my background. I’ve done a thousand tracks with Rick Ross, worked with so many great MCs over the years. I’ve just always thought collaboration was a great way to make music and when we do it together it can be better than when we do it separately. So I’ve just always had that spirit and that energy and I love working with dope people and we definitely did that with this album.»

John Legend believes he has «good chemistry» with Rick – who he worked with on his new record – and how they have «similar» taste.

He said: «We got a dope one on the new album. We got good chemistry … his voice and my voice, it just works well together. We like a similar type of track too.. A lush soulful track. You know … it works.

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