JMEA Hopeful Shortage Of US Dollars In Local Market Will Ease Soon - EntornoInteligente /

  Complaints continue of a shortage of US dollars in the local market but members of the private sector are now optimistic that the situation will soon improve.   Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA) President Richard Pandohie on Sunday night told RJR News that commercial banks have signalled that order is about to return to the currency market.   “The central bank governor has indicated that he is looking forward to a session where we can sit with all the stakeholders and work out a better way of doing it and to understand how it is affecting the system. So as it is right now, it’s not much easing but we’re hopeful based on all the indicative sounds we’ve been hearing from the commercial banks and the central bank that the situation will begin to ease,” he asserted.    On Friday, Bank of Jamaica Governor Richard Byles said it was up to the private sector to take the lead in resolving volatility in the foreign exchange market.   He added that the country’s net international reserves cannot be used to intervene in the market every time the Jamaican dollar depreciates against the US currency.  


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