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Dear Editor, I WOULD like to share my views relating to the personal attacks on Mr. Carl Greenidge by Mr. Jan Mangal, a former adviser to President David Granger. From the onset, I would like to state that Mr. Mangal has descended to a new state of bitterness since his dismal for poor performance as Adviser to the President of Guyana, on Oil and Gas.

I must bring to light that while he was employed in that position, as Presidential Adviser he was instrumental in bidding for Chevron (his former employer, or maybe he is still on their payroll) ahead of more credible companies. His tenure has been marred by with incompetence, and while he  fancies to speak so much about Guyana’s oil and gas, he should explain to the Guyanese population how his brother won a major contract to manage an onshore base in Guyana.

Further, he has been caught propagating lies against the PPP/C and has been exposed, so he is now attacking the current administration, accusing it of mismanaging the oil and gas sector. Where will this man stop at covering up his lies and illusions; seems like his pit of lies is bottom-less.

Now presumably under pressure, or threats from APNU/AFC, he is sucking up to the current administration, and I believe I speak for the majority of APNU supporters when I say we don’t need Jan Mangal. As such, I would like to congratulate the President for not renewing his contract. He has been sitting in Houston, USA and collecting millions from the Guyanese treasury. He is a parasite, only eyeing up Guyana’s oil-and- gas wealth, after other patriotic Guyanese had to bite the bullet and do all the hard work. Now Jan Mangal wants to be our knight in shining armour. I dare say NO!!!!.

Editor, this man is very crafty and shifty; he is using the old “push-and-pull tactic”, playing his game to stay in bed with the APNU government. But we don’t need him. Mr. Mangal should be reprimanded for launching vile attacks on Guyanese of both political divide. Apologise forthwith, and please take your eyes off our oil-and-gas fortune.

Regards, Mark Fraser

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