JAMPRO Continues to Support Investors

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The Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) continues to stimulate economic development through increased investment and export, by supporting investors wishing to do business in Jamaica.

Head of the Global Digital Services Unit at JAMPRO, Vivion Scully, shared that «for the past several years, Jamaica has been garnering significant attention as an outsourcing destination».

Speaking at a Jamaica Information Service (JIS) ‘Think Tank’ on Friday, September 23, Mr. Scully highlighted that one of the features that makes Jamaica attractive is its significant talent pool that is complemented by a pro-business government and a pro-business environment, «which means that there is a free movement of investment capital in and out for the investors».

Explaining the role of JAMPRO in supporting investment opportunities for the country, Mr. Scully explained that «beyond providing the facilitation services in assisting investors to get familiar with the market, we are providing significant strategic support to the sector through development initiatives».

One such is the Global Services Sector initiative, which provides funding for training, marketing and continued promotion of the sector to investors across the globe. It also helps to develop local talents to meet the needs of the companies that are here to ensure their continued growth.

Throughout the years, Jamaica has secured various global outsourcing players to join its growing Global Digital Services Sector, with Intelcia, the first Northern African outsourcing company to launch in Jamaica, and the Caribbean being the newest.

«With Intelcia being our first Moroccan company, we are going the extra mile to ensure its comfort level in doing business in Jamaica, and so we will continue to provide the necessary support to continue its growth,» Mr. Scully said.

«We are happy to have Intelcia as another partner here in Jamaica within the business process outsourcing sector. We are pleased with the growth, thus far, and we are confident that it is going to continue the trajectory to grow within the sector,» he added.

Intelcia inaugurated its first site in Jamaica following a ceremony on September 22, 2022.

The entity has an international footprint spanning 17 countries, employing approximately 40,000 people globally across 85 sites. The company currently provides services to more than 220 clients from various industries, including telecommunications, banking and insurance, IT, retail, media, public sector, e-commerce and services, and utilities.

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