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Entornointeligente.com / RJR News / A new telephone scam has emerged in Jamaica and mobile phone users are expressing concern.

The calls are said to be a part of a scam known as “Wangiri”  in which persons receive calls from a number in Poland and the caller hangs up before the person answers.       

When the victims return the call, their phone credit is depleted or their phone bill is hiked, all of  it going to the scammer.     

Scores of  local mobile phone users have complained on social media of receiving calls from a number with Poznan Poland area code.    

Telecoms company Digicel Jamaica in responding to queries from one customer, said the matter is being investigated.      

Other international mobile phone operators have warned customers not to return missed calls from unknown international numbers or risk being charged. 

The Wangiri fraud has affected persons in New Zealand and other countries. 

Wangiri is a Japanese word meaning “one ring and cut”.     

The scam originated in Japan.

JAMAICA: “Wangiri” Telephone Scam Being Investigated By Digital

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