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Entornointeligente.com / Jamaica Gleaner / We are in the Christmas season again, a time of hope, love and fulfillment, joy and purpose. 

For some it is a sad time, because of the loss of loved ones or other things that would cause physical separation. While some may not believe in Christmas, it is not about the date, but about recognising the fact that Jesus came for the fulfillment of purpose. Jesus came and He is the True Light of the World Who came to redeem mankind from deception, darkness and death.  Without Him there is no tomorrow! Man’s efforts and actions have shown us that failure is imminent without Jesus Christ. Ultimately, Jesus is the antidote for most of the problems that exist in the society. 

From the time of Jesus’ birth until today, man has tried innumerable times to get rid of the government of God without success. Many try to commercialise Christmas. Some want the focus to be on Santa Claus, and have shifted to saying Merry Xmas or Happy Holidays, but regardless of the efforts, Christ still remains the whole reason we celebrate this season.

Each time we focus on Christmas, it is to remind us that He ultimately came to touch the lives and bring joy through His sacrifice, and Christmas is where the journey began.

Each of us can start our journey of giving hope. This is the time we can help to cancel someone’s debt or have an amnesty, help the poor, show appreciation to staff, customers and friends who have supported you through the years, lower prices so that customers can enjoy a break. You can help some children by giving them clothing, a gift or vouchers for school fees. You or your organisation can adopt a child – not legally adopt necessarily but identify a child and take care of their basic needs.


Heal The Family The institution of family is broken and during this season, this is when persons are most lonely and are hurting. Wouldn’t it be nice if the fathers who turned their backs on their children leaving them completely to a single mother reconciled this season? That would be the turning over of a new leaf and possibly a new beginning for all involved.

My prayer this season is that major physical, financial and spiritual healing takes place in the life of each person; and that God through His supernatural power will turn some impossible situations around, so that each one can experience joy this season. 

Begin to write your list prophetically and by faith – not to Santa – but to the Lord, outlining the desires of your heart and the miracles you need Him to do for you. Ask Him to remove the weight and baggage from you from this point onward and that healing and forgiveness will take place.


Businesses and Giving It would be wonderful for businesses to cut back on some of the parties and instead keep Christmas gatherings simple; and use the money to help the community and put smiles of their faces.  

Give some holiday jobs to some of the diligent ones in the community and don’t say it is not in the budget. 

Doctors and Dentists can give free service to the children in the community.  Give free checkups and free cleanings (respectively).

Hairdressers/stylists can go into some communities and give free hairdos and manicures to some of the people; especially the elderly.

Some of the all-inclusive hotels and other businesses can give free gift cards and day/weekend passes to locals (not just focus on visitors from overseas).

Telephone companies can give away phones to the disabled as well as calling cards or minutes.  Gather and give away some wheelchairs to those who truly need them as well.


The Church Churches need to come out of the four walls and physically go into the communities and offer words of hope and encouragement and feed the people as Jesus would. Record their problems and see how best they can see to their needs. They need to get up out of the Church building. Jesus did not come to serve His own purpose, He came to serve others so they need to get up and get out among the people and serve.

There are many Christians who have dresses, suits, and other things that they can afford to give away at least one thing to someone else who is in need. We can’t be selfish at a time like this. Too many Christians behave as if they are better than others, walking with their heads straight, driving past a sister or brother without caring to offer any assistance. 

I declare a blessing on each and every person – every reader and also on the management and staff of The Gleaner.

– Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including ‘ End Time Finance’ and ‘The New Millionaire’ .

JAMAICA: Steve Lyston | Show love this Christmas season

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