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Entornointeligente.com / Jamaica Gleaner / We have watched over the years until now, many leaders with good intentions get to the point of ruin because of bad advisers. If there is going to be change, then there is the need for new natural and spiritual advisers; because many of the current set of advisers, locally and globally, are either distracted, corrupt, or selfish, and don’t desire any good for the leader under which they serve. So we now need those in the back to come to the front – whether in politics, national security, and even in business. We have been recycling advisers throughout every political administration. So unless there is a gradual shift, many leaders are going to ‘bite the dust’.

There are advisers who, as long as they are not affected by particular situations, including system regulations, taxation and so on, don’t care about the kind of advice they give. In the Bible, there were advisers to Nebuchadnezzar, Nathan to David, but we see also that there are bad advisers who cause their leaders to die.

In II Kings 12: 8, Rehoboam rejected the advice of the elders regarding taxation, and it caused a revolt and the death of his treasurer.

So in order to choose good advisers for leaders, we cannot choose from our list of schoolmates, church friends or lobby leaders. Furthermore, being successful in a particular field or in academics does not qualify them for the role of adviser.

An adviser:” Must have a heart for the nation.

” Must have mercy and compassion along with Godly wisdom.

” Must be loyal to the leader. (They cannot be advising their leader and the enemy, or competitor, at the same time.)

Advisers should know times and seasons and when to implement certain measures. They must be in touch with the people and with what is happening on the ground. Advice should not be given based solely on historical data or forecasts, because the wind can change in a minute.

What we need are advisers with a heart for the poor. We need plans put in place for people to begin to till the ground (Proverbs 28: 19).


” Broaden the tax base so that the wealthy pay the greater portion of tax.

” Reduce sales tax and consumption tax.

” Lower or no tax for small businesses in their first three years of operation.

” Flat-rate meter system on water for the poor.

” Waive the tax on solar systems so that the poor can afford to access this benefit.

” Competitive and lower insurance rates on motor vehicles.

” Reduce or remove certain bank charges so that the poor can save (Proverbs 21: 20; Proverbs 22: 3).

Every country has a right to protect its borders from those who would want to come in and destroy it. However, before any country decides to impose stringent measures, they need to read the Bible carefully.

The Bible specifically states that there are blessings for nations who open their borders for refugees – even Jesus was a refugee when He took refugee status in Egypt. Additionally, there were even cities of refuge build for the rehabilitation of murderers.

What nations need to do is begin to rebuild the spiritual walls that were broken down, as in the Book of Nehemiah. Any nation that shows mercy and compassion to refugees and undocumented personnel will receive great blessings from the Creator who is the One who gives power to get wealth.

paying taxes It would be a blessing for nations to begin to call an immigration amnesty so that families can contribute to the nation by paying taxes and joining the military – the real estate market would explode. This will also allow those countries not to be isolated.

It will also prevent certain allies to come together for evil.

Both politicians and the business sector need advisers who are in tune with our present environment if they want longevity – particularly those within the Caribbean and Latin nations. Those nations need leaders who will begin to rise to be dominant globally.

The times and seasons have changed and a new wind is blowing. It is no longer business as usual.

n Steve Lyston is a biblical economics

consultant and author of several books, including ‘End Time Finance’ and ‘The New Millionaire’.

JAMAICA: Steve Lyston | Bad advisers messing up good leaders

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