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Entornointeligente.com / Jamaica Observer / PEOPLE’S National Party (PNP) President Dr Peter Phillips yesterday said that the country has undergone two years of hard labour with Andrew Holness-led Administration at the helm. Phillips, who was speaking at the party’s National Executive Council meeting called to celebrate his first year as leader of the Opposition party at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston, said that this is “sentence” his party must put an end to.

According to Phillips, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Government inherited the best economy any Jamaican Government could in the history of the country, but squandered this gain.

Phillips pointed to several variables he identified as contributing to the “well-poised” economy the PNP left, stating that the country’s debt was down, inflation was at its lowest in 40 years, an increase in business confidence, so too consumer confidence, the settlement of wage negotiations, and the virtual completion of the North-South Highway, among other things.

“The fact is, since then the Jamaica Labour Party has not built on that foundation. In fact, they have set the country back. For the first time we have had a prime minister who celebrated his second years in office without giving a report card on their accomplishments,” Phillips said.

He added that the Government failed in its quest to generate five per cent growth of the economy in two years; crime in Holness’s two years at the helm has reached record levels; and corruption has been the order of the day for the past two years.

“…There is a pattern of arrogance, a pattern of disrespect for law, and a pattern of disrespect for the democracy of the country which is evident in this Administration and which should serve to reinvigorate the energies of the People’s National Party. Quite frankly, the rescue that is needed this time around is not the rescue of the economy, which is what we had to do from 2012, but rescue the democracy of Jamaica which is under threat from people who have no regard for the Constitution or the tradition or the freedoms that Jamaica has come to expect,” Phillips said.

At the same time, the Opposition leader labelled the decision by Government to rename the North-South Highway after former Prime Minister Edward Seaga as tribal.

“I have no objection to naming something for Mr Seaga, but in the circumstance where he opposed the construction of the highways, in the circumstance where there is a living former prime minister who presided over the start of the operation… I believe that prime minister, who is Comrade Portia Simpson Miller — if it is to be named after anyone it should be her.

“When you do it in the way that they have done it, not only implying an insult to one prime minister — what you’re doing is reopening of wounds of a tribalism that needs to be healed. If you want to be transformative, you have to be willing to recognise that there are things that you mustn’t put ahead of good sense and the search for peace and harmony in the country, and this creates disharmony when you should be creating peace,” Phillips said.

JAMAICA: PNP: Gov’t has country under ‘hard labour’

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