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Entornointeligente.com / Jamaica Gleaner / Minister of National Security Robert Montague says the Government has no immediate plans to change its used car policy for the police force.

His comments came last night during a sitting of Parliament’s Standing Finance Committee.

Montague was responding to a question from his opposition counterpart, Fitz Jackson, who wanted to know whether the administration would change its used car policy against the background of the extensive and rigorous use of motor vehicles by the police force.

Jackson also made his query against the background of the used car contract debacle involving the Government and O’ Brien’s International Car Sales and Rentals. To date, O’ Brien’s has delivered 62 motor vehicles but was initially contracted to provide 200 to the police force.

“This is not the first contract that would have gone sour, not only with a supplier, but with any other contract and not because one contractor did not live up to standard, it means we must throw out everything,” Montague said.

He told his parliamentary colleagues that the ministry had acquired 452 vehicles outside of the O’Brien’s contract.

Montague reiterated that the performance bond under the O’ Brien’s contract, in the sum of $42 million, has been paid to the Government and the advance payment guarantee amounting to $200 million is yet to be paid.

He said the Attorney General’s Department was dealing with the advance payment issue.

“The contractor has made, through their attorneys, contact and they are trying to clear those cars that are there (on the wharf).

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JAMAICA: Montague: Used car policy for police to remain in force

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