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In Jamaica, a 64-year-old pastor was arrested for allegedly raping a girl and some evangelical preachers called for him to be treated with “compassion.” But, these same ‘men of God’ threatened a near-riot when the Government suggested legalising private consensual ADULT gay intimacy. Even worse, are those ‘Christian’ groups that claim to hear the children’s cry, but remained silent about the recent rape allegation. Instead, they alleged in court documents opposing the repeal of the anti-gay law that homosexuals are the greatest threat to children. Even worse, these same righteous souls did not lift a finger to help LGBT youth who were (are) thrown out on the streets, as young as 10 years old, and forced to live in sewers because pastors told their parents that gays are a biblical abomination who will bring the wrath of God on a household.

The sad reality is that in Jamaica, stories of pastors raping young girls are quite common. But they have little if any impact on the popularity and power of the evangelical Church. I often wonder what will be enough to break the stranglehold that these charlatans have over Jamaican society. But I am also horrified at how many innocent lives may have to be destroyed before the Church will be forced to abandon its disgusting hypocrisy. Remember, it took millions of child sex abuse victims, the loss of insurance coverage, billions of dollars in claims, UN condemnation, etc, for the Catholic Church to finally admit that it harboured, protected and enabled predatory priests for decades, if not centuries. And still that church is allowed to get away with claiming that the greatest threat to children is gays.

It is times like these that I find the Indian Hindu leader Mahatma Gandhi’s quote apposite: “I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

Maurice Tomlinson

JAMAICA: Letter of the day: Church hypocrisy

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