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Entornointeligente.com / RJR News / The Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) is not expecting any fallout for its members with the upcoming merger of HEART Trust/NTA, National Youth Service and Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning.    The association said based on discussions with the Education Ministry, job cuts are not likely.    JTA President Howard Isaacs, says further discussions are to be held on the merger “to ensure that an amicable arrangement is made so that our colleagues will have their tenure.”   “But for the most part, the understanding we have is that positions that may not have been activated, those are the ones that will be taken off the books. (So) for the most part, many if not all of our colleagues who are employed now will continue to enjoy their tenure in the respective agencies, particularly HEART Trust/NTA,” he declared.       Education Minister Senator Ruel Reid, who spoke at Wednesday’s Jamaica House media briefing, had said there is currently significant duplication in the work of the three entities.     He said the merger will allow for the reallocation of resources.

JAMAICA: JTA Not Expecting Fallout From HEART Merger With NYS, JFLL

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