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Entornointeligente.com / RJR News / The Police Federation has sought the intervention of the government to secure the release of a Jamaican policeman now in custody in Canada. Constable Witney Hutchinson, who is accused being part of a death squad in Clarendon, was arrested by the Canada authorities in June, following a request by the Independent Commission of Investigation, INDECOM. The Canadian authorities claimed Hutchinson is being held in custody on the basis that he’s a threat to public safety. But this has drawn the ire of the Police Federation which claimed the policeman is being detained unlawfully and that INDECOM had no authority to apply for his detention. The Federation has written to the Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP, and the Ministers of Justice and Foreign Affairs to complain about the actions of the Canadian government and INDECOM. The Federation is demanding the release of Constable Hutchinson. “He wants to come home to stand trial,” according to a member of the Federation. The Federation has also accused INDECOM of going above the authority of the DPP. “They have usurped the authority of the Director when they contacted the Canadian authorities,” he added. “That’s the job for the DPP…not INDECOM”. Constable Hutchinson was arrested by the Toronto Police Fugitive Squad and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, RCMP, on June 27, while visiting his wife in Canada. Prior to his arrest, the DPP had refused a request by INDECOM boss, Terrence Williams, to apply for his extradition. DPP, Paula Llewellyn argued that the material submitted by INDECOM did not meet required standard, under the law. Eleven cops have been charged by INDECOM who accused them of being members of a death squad.

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