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An employee of the Bustamante Hospital For Children was seriously injured on Wednesday night during an incident at the institution.    It is reported that a relative of a patient at the hospital became aggressive and broke a glass in front of which a senior human resource clerk was standing. The glass shattered, injuring the eye of the worker.  Chief Medical Officer Dr. Winston De La Haye, who confirmed the incident, said the employee is still undergoing surgery to the cornea (clear layer that covers the eye). According to the Dr. De La Haye, this is not the first time that such an incident has taken place at the hospital. Just two weeks ago, he said, another employee was physically attacked while treating a patient because the relative of another patient thought the waiting time to be too long.  The chief medical officer accepted that the waiting time, which for non-emergencies is up to three hours, can lead to frustration. He said there has been a focus on the relatively long wait at Bustamante Hospital, with a view to reducing the time.      However, Dr. De La Haye insisted that the current waiting hours are in keeping with international standards. RJR News , in the meantime, understands that a protest in underway outside the hospital in relation to Wednesday night’s incident.

JAMAICA: Bustamente Hospital Employee Injured By Patient’s Angry Relative

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