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“I, Everald Anthony Adlam, take you, Renee Anika Cooper, to be my lawful wedded wife; to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.”

Once upon a time, there lived a couple who met at church and, unlike most of these fairy tales, it was the woman who first sought after her knight.

It all started back in early 2015, when Everald Adlam of Albion, St Thomas, began visiting a nearby church, the worship place of his soon to be wife, Renee Cooper.

“I attend the Grace Chapel United Pentecostal Church, where I was praying for a wonderful husband. I told the Lord all my desires; how I wanted this husband to look, and everything else,” Cooper said.

She began to recount the day when she laid eyes on who would soon become the love of her life.

“One Sunday morning while in church, a young man came to sit beside me. Right there and then, I knew he was the one,” she said.

Cooper told Family and Religion that they had actually known each other since high school, but had lost contact years before.

“To be honest, I reached out to him first as right after church, I went to him. We spoke and exchanged numbers. From that Sunday on, we’ve been like Heckle and Jeckle,” she shared.

Fast forward to January 9 of this year, Adlam stood shaking as he patiently waited for his fiancÈe to meet him at the altar.

Adlam expressed how he felt as he saw Cooper walking towards him.

“I was extremely nervous and tears filled my eyes. My heart was pounding. My legs were shaking. I was just elated to see the woman of my dreams walking towards me.

I was nervous because I didn’t want to mess up. I just wanted everything to go well, and when I a saw how beautiful my fiancÈe looked, that just contributed to my nervousness even more,” said the now married man.

NERVOUSABOUTWEDDING His wife was no calmer than he was. In fact, she revealed that even the days leading up to the wedding were nerve racking.

“The devil tried a lot of things. There were times when I cried, there were times when I quarrelled, there were times I even felt like giving up, but nothing beats prayer.

All sort of stuff was going through my head. Is it going to be a success? Will my bridal party make mistakes while marching? How am I going to feel? Will I cry? And I was also wondering what he was thinking.

I had to pray and ask the Lord to help me get through this, and with the help of friends and family, it came off a success,” Cooper said.

With vows to love each other come what may, the Adlams both have dreams and high hopes for a successful future together.

According to the wife: “My hope is to grow more in the Lord and to continue living for Him. As long as God is at the centre, then our marriage must work and our love for each other will only get stronger as the days go by and bring forth beautiful children.”

For the husband: “My philosophy in life is that behind every successful man is a strong woman. With that in mind and with the help of God, I am looking towards a bright and happy future with my beautiful wife, and monitoring our family in the manner that God wants it to be so that others will be able to emulate our positive lifestyle.”

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JAMAICA: 'And the two became one'

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