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Israeli attacks on Gaza ‘most failed and pointless’ ever – Haaretz chief

israeli_attacks_on_gaza_lmost_failed_and_pointlessr_ever_n_haaretz_chief.jpg / Mounting Palestinian deaths as a result of Israeli strikes are obscuring deeper crises in Israel’s political and military leadership, says Haaretz Editor-in-chief Aluf Benn. Can Netanyahu use the war in Gaza to his advantage? (AFP) In a stinging rebuke to the country's leadership, the editor in chief of Israel's most respected newspaper, Haaretz, has called the country's ongoing war in Gaza as the most ” most failed and pointless Gaza operation ever .”

The war has exposed “serious military and diplomatic failure[s]” in the country, which has been politically deadlocked for two years after four inconclusive elections that have resulted in the long-serving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refusing to relinquish power.

Aluf Benn went on to say in his Haaretz piece that the Israeli assault on Gaza has also “exposed major deficiencies in the army's preparations” as well as a “confused” leadership  and a “helpless government.”

The analysis by Benn lays bare the twin crises afflicting Israel, which is a political vacuum and a military strategy that is increasingly bereft of objectives.

Increasing attacks on civilians

“[The] military has no idea how to paralyze Hamas' forces and throw it off balance,” added Benn as more and more evidence reveals that the Israeli military is increasingly and deliberately targeting whole Palestinian families.

Israeli officials in face-saving statements have been briefing Israeli papers that the latest operation could lead to ” five years ” of calm. Analysts, however, believe such statements are mainly aimed at showing that the army remains in control of events.

Hamas' resilience and willingness to defend itself against Israeli occupation have surprised the country's military establishment, leading to calls by some in Netanyahu's cabinet of taking over Gaza to disarm the Palestinian group.

Fanning flames of war

One of Israel's leading politicians, Yair Lapid has accused Netanyahu of fanning the flames of war, no matter the cost, in a bid to salvage his political fortunes.

“The fire always breaks out precisely when it's most convenient,” Lapid said to Israeli news outlets suggesting that Netanyahu stood most to benefit from the latest war.

Lapid is attempting to form a coalition government after Netanyahu failed.

Some see the latest military escalation as in part orchestrated by Netanyahu, 71, who is the first serving Israeli Prime Minister to go on trial and is accused of bribery, fraud and breach of trust in three separate cases. If he can cling to power, he might just be able to escape prison.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, at least 227 Palestinians have been killed, including 64 children and 38 women, and 1,620 others injured in Israeli attacks on Gaza since May 10.

Also, 12 Israelis have also been killed in rocket fire from Gaza into Israel.

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Source: TRT World

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