Intelcia Provides 600 New Jobs /

Global outsourcing company Intelcia officially opened its first Caribbean office in Kingston on Thursday (September 22).

The company, based in New Kingston, now employs 600 Jamaicans, with more persons to be engaged as the entity continues to build out its staff complement.

Intelcia is a global player in outsourcing offering solutions in four main areas – business processes, information technology (IT), innovative consulting, and multichannel CX.

Industry, Investment and Commerce Minister, Senator the Hon. Aubyn Hill, in his address at the opening ceremony, said Intelcia joins more than 70 firms operating in Jamaica’s global services sector, which has continued to thrive despite the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following a contraction in activities in April 2020, Minister Hill said the sector quickly recovered to record more than 15 per cent growth during the period July 20 to March 2021.

«Our global services sector has been averaging a 20 per cent employment growth, which is among the highest in the world,» he said, noting that it is one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the country.

The resilience of the sector, the Minister said, is further evidenced by the 8.7 per cent growth rate last year, and 5.7 per cent in the last quarter.

Senator Hill welcomed the company to Jamaica’s shores and its contribution to the further development of the local GSS sector.

Intelcia has locations in 17 countries in Europe, Africa, and the Americas and employs 40,000 persons across 85 sites globally.

Intelcia began establishing itself in English-speaking markets in 2020 to serve the strategic United States (US) market.

Co- Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Intelcia, Karim Bernoussi, said Jamaica’s proximity to the US and its strong global services sector makes it the ideal location for the company to kick off its operations in the region.

The Dominican Republic is the next targeted location.

«Jamaica is the closest country because in terms of culture, they are very close to the US culture and we believe that here we can develop our investment, we can develop our presence. We are really proud to have these [over 600] persons join our [team]. This is just the start of our investment,» he said.


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