INGLES: ‘Walking Dead’ Recap: Rick, Morgan Go Savior Hunting (SPOILERS) - EntornoInteligente / Yahoo / SPOILER ALERT : Do not keep reading if you have not seen Season 8, Episode 14 of ” The Walking Dead ,” titled “Still Gotta Mean Something”

” The Walking Dead ” slowed things down from the previous two weeks, but still turned in a strong episode that delivered on action and emotions.

The episode begins at the Heaps, where Jadis is holding Negan prisoner. She plans to torture him by first burning Lucille and then letting a captive walker slowly devour him. But more on that later.

At Hilltop, the search is on for Henry, who fled the community after accidentally letting many of the Savior prisoners go free. Ezekiel implores Carol to join the search for the boy, but Carol refuses. Tara and Daryl also engage in another back and forth regarding Dwight, with Tara coming to his defense and Daryl again wanting him dead. Rick then finds Michonne reading the letter that Carl wrote her before his death, reducing her to tears. Rick admits that he has yet to read what Carl wrote to him, instead still busying himself with work.

Morgan plans to venture out of Hilltop as well, but not to look for Henry. Instead, he is going to hunt down the Saviors who escaped and kill them. Carol decides to go with him, more to protect Morgan from himself than anything else. Rick decides he will go hunting for the Saviors as well. He asks Alden, the lead Savior who stayed behind, where the others might go before heading back to the Sanctuary. Alden says some of the others once took him to an abandoned bar a few miles away. That is good enough for Rick, who sets out for blood.

Negan tries to convince Jadis that he did not order Simon to murder he people and that he will do whatever he can to make it right. She doesn’t want to hear it, though, and sets about building a fire with which to burn Lucille. But when she goes to get the walker she plans to use to eat him, he manages to inch his way toward a gun she left nearby and fires a few shots at her as she comes back. He also grabbed a series of photographs that are very near and dear to the Trash Queen’s heart, threatening to burn them with a flare if she doesn’t cut him loose. Negan also reveals to her that he named his treasured bat after his wife. Then the mysterious helicopter that Rick saw flying towards the Heaps zooms in overhead, but Jadis’ efforts to flag it down fail. In the end, Negan convinces her to let him go.

On the road, Carol and Morgan walk through the woods when Morgan thinks he sees Henry in the distance and chases after him. But when he catches him, he realizes that this isn’t the real Henry. The hallucination taunts Morgan in the same way his hallucination of dead Savior Gavin did previously, telling Morgan “You were supposed to.” Later, Carol and Morgan come across a walker that has been impaled with a bo staff identical to the one that Henry was carrying. Carol insists that they go down the other road to find him, but Morgan decides he will press on in his search for the Saviors, convinced that Henry is already dead.

Rick finds the bar Alden told him about, arriving there at about the same time as Morgan. The two plan to enter together and kill the Saviors, but they are incapacitated before they can carry out the plan. Rick comes to tied up next to Morgan in the bar. Jared, the long-haired Savior who has been a constant pain since his arrival, says they need to return Rick to Negan and reclaim their place in the Sanctuary. The others are not so sure, especially considering how Simon was willing to let them die at the Hilltop battle. Rick tells them that if they set him and Morgan free, they will all be welcome at Hilltop. He also tells them that a walker herd is nearby, but Jared refuses to believe him. Morgan begins exchanging heated words with Jared, with the yelling attracting the walker herd. Some of the Saviors decide to set Rick and Morgan free, with the group fighting off the herd. But Rick and Morgan turn on them, killing all of the Saviors who are not killed by the walkers. Jared flees, but Morgan chases him. The two fight, with Morgan throwing Jared off of him down a hallway. Walkers close in on Jared who runs back toward Morgan. Bur Morgan slams a metal gate shut, blocking Jared’s escape. Morgan stands by and watches as Jared is slowly eaten alive.

Negan takes an old car and begins making his way back to the Sanctuary. On the way, he spots someone on the road that he clearly recognizes and offers them a ride. However, we don’t get to see who it is. Once he reaches the Sanctuary’s gates, he tells the guards not to alert anyone to his presence, as he has a few surprises in mind.

Carol continues her search for Henry. She hears him screaming in the distance, and finds him trying to fend off several walkers. She steps in and saves his life. The two return to Hilltop around the same time as Morgan and Rick. Morgan tells Henry that he killed the man who killed his brother.

The episode ends with Rick sitting down with Carl’s letter to him.


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INGLES: ‘Walking Dead’ Recap: Rick, Morgan Go Savior Hunting (SPOILERS)

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