INGLES: Protesters scuffle with police in central Paris during post-vote demonstration (WATCH LIVE) - EntornoInteligente / RT / Tensions are rising in the post-vote protest in Paris against President-elect Emmanuel Macron, as well as against new labor reforms. Police have briefly engaged in scuffles with protesters, according to images from the scene.

“He is not our president”, “Say No to the new labor reform!”, “Say No to repression”, read the banners held by demonstrators.

Le "Front social" manifeste dans les rues de Paris au lendemain de l'élection d'Emmanuel Macron

— BFM Paris (@BFMParis) May 8, 2017 Representatives of trade unions, left wing groups, as well as anti-fascists and anarchists are taking part in the rally, according to French media.

… et la police compresse la 1ere manif contre #Macron à l'arrière du cortège. (2/2)

— Marie-Lys Lubrano (@MarieLysLubrano) May 8, 2017 “En Marche! is pushing towards social war” said another banner held by protesters. The En Marche! political party was created by Macron in 2016 after he stepped down as Economy Minister under Francois Hollande’s government to join the presidential race.

Grosse présence policière à la manif contre la politique social du président élu Macron. #frontsocial #8mai @LCI

— Antoine Llorca (@antoinellorca) May 8, 2017 Activists announced before the presidential run-off that they would demonstrate regardless of who won, saying that both Macron’s and rival Marine Le Pen’s policies are anti-social.

Manif syndicale anti-Macron place de la République à Paris

— Alexandre Habay (@alexhabay) May 8, 2017 The protest was partially organized on Facebook by the Front Social political movement.


Du monde place de la République pour la première manifestation du #FrontSocial du quinquennat Macron

— Vincent (@VBoudghene) May 8, 2017 “The next President of the Republic is already preparing his anti-social policy,” the movement wrote on its Facebook page, “We… tell him that we will not let him implement his policy.”

Des slogans antifascistes résonnent à la #manif du #frontsocial contre #Macron

— Raphael RT France (@Raphael_RTfr) May 8, 2017 “The country is not a company,” other banners read, apparently referring to Macron’s career in finance and banking.

“I left a blank ballot,” one of the protesters told FranceInfo, saying he was against both of the candidates that made it to the second round of the elections.

. @SolidairesEtu "En marche vers la guerre sociale" #frontsocial

— hajoura74 (@hajoura74) May 8, 2017 Sputnik France reported that one of its journalists had been attacked by police at the protest. “We were beaten up. They [police] beat up everyone, including journalists. They took my helmet away from me and nearly damaged my phone,” the correspondent said . 

INGLES: Protesters scuffle with police in central Paris during post-vote demonstration (WATCH LIVE)

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