INGLES: Japan floods: Death toll rises to 16 as further deluge expected (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) - EntornoInteligente / RT / Some 16 people are now confirmed dead following after several days of torrential rain sparked floods and landslides in Japan, Reuters reports.

Intense Rain Leads to Flooding in Japan #NASA

— NASA Earth (@NASAEarth) July 7, 2017 Search and rescue crews took advantage of a break in the extreme weather conditions to recover victims and rescue survivors Saturday. However, further downpours are expected over the weekend.


— NH4生洔ピ防災 (@nhk_seikatsu) July 6, 2017 VIDEO: Kyodo News #drone footage shows extent of devastating #floods in #Kyushu , Japan, following heavy rain #九州豪雨

— Kyodo News – English (@kyodo_english) July 8, 2017 READ MORE: Heavy rains cause floods in China, 260,000 people displaced

More than 60cm (24 inches) of rain fell in the Fukuoka Prefecture in just 24 hours Saturday, according to Japan’s weather agency . A further 15cm of rain is forecast to fall in Northern Kyushu Sunday.

The unseasonably heavy rain is more than some areas experience in the whole month of July.





— ぴこ (@ek2eoiNcRUqmnMI) July 5, 2017 大雨ごよる袔害で、






— ぴこ (@ek2eoiNcRUqmnMI) July 5, 2017 READ MORE: Torrential rain leads to intense flooding in Berlin

The downpour has devastated entire neighborhoods in the city of Asakura where heavy quantities of mud and debris are making it even more difficult for rescuers and clean-up crews.



— 모에 ( ᴍᴏᴇ ) (@1998_06_08_) July 5, 2017 INGLES: Japan floods: Death toll rises to 16 as further deluge expected (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

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