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23/06/2018 – Jamaica Gleaner. / Jamaicans are being advised to brace for possible increased heat conditions as projections show that temperatures are slightly above normal.

Ronald Moody, head of the Applied Meteorology Section at the Climate Branch, told The Gleaner yesterday that while there was no indication of a drought, there would be increased hot days.

“The projection, based on what is happening both from the ocean and from the atmosphere, suggests that we could be seeing slightly above-average temperatures for June, July, and August,” he declared.

“It doesn’t equate to drought, but what is happening right now is that we are heading into a traditional dry period. To determine if there is a drought would be dependent on how much rainfall the island receives.”

He also commented on recent data that assessed rainfall for the month of May.

“We consider Kingston and St Andrew to be one parish. So based on the analysis for rainfall that we have collected across the island, of the 13 parishes, we had 11 that recorded above normal rainfall,” Moody told The Gleaner .

“The two parishes that recorded below-normal rainfall were St Elizabeth and Portland. In fact, based on the early analysis so far, Portland is experiencing what we would consider normal drought,” he stated.

Moody added: “We have a look at what is the rainfall average for Portland over a two-month period, and in April-May, they were experiencing normal drought. That was following on from March-April when they also experienced normal drought conditions.”

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