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At least 21 people were killed and 189 injured in three days of clashes in New Delhi that coincided with US President Donald Trump’s first state visit to India, with the death toll expected to rise as hospitals continue to take in the wounded, authorities said on Wednesday.

Violence broke out on Sunday after Hindu mobs attacked Muslims protesting against a new citizenship law that critics say violates the secular ethos of the South Asian country.

The violence-affected areas  were tense on Wednesday with most shops and schools closed. The city government, led by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called for the army to be deployed as police were accused of partisanship.

The Hindu nationalist government has banned public assembly in the affected areas to prevent violence.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for calm but he has been criticised for not acting on time and hosting a lavish reception for Trump while Delhi burned for three days.

Boys look at a damaged vehicle after it was set on fire by a mob in a riot-affected area after clashes erupted between people demonstrating for and against a new citizenship law in New Delhi. [Rupak De Chowdhuri/Reuters] A firefighter walks past damaged shops at a tyre market in the Chand Bagh area after they were set on fire by the mob on Tuesday. [Adnan Abidi/Reuters] A woman speaks with a police officer during a sit-in protest in a riot-affected area. [Danish Siddiqui/Reuters] Indian security officers order a shop to close in New Delhi. [Rajesh Kumar Singh/AP Photo] A family leaves the area after Tuesday’s violence, as Indian paramilitary police stand guard in New Delhi. [Manish Swarup/AP photo] Firefighters stand near a rescue vehicle as they douse burned-out tyre shops which were set on fire on Tuesday. [Prakash Singh/AFP] People inspect the remains of a burned-out residence following the violence. [Sajjad Hussain/AFP] People prepare to bury copies of the Koran after they recovered from a burned-out mosque following clashes. [Sajjad Hussain/AFP] A man speaks on his mobile phone as he walks past a burned-out mosque and shops in Ashok Nagar. [Sajjad Hussain/AFP]LINK ORIGINAL: Aljazeera


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