Horse at Miami Beach nightclub causes outrage - EntornoInteligente / MiamiHerald / It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. A horse walks into a nightclub…

But that’s exactly what happened at Mokai Lounge in South Beach on Thursday night, and the Internet is outraged.

A video of the incident – which starts out with a bikini clad woman riding bareback on a white horse through the crowded venue – has been making the rounds like wildfire. The animal is surrounded by clubgoers and suddenly drops to the ground and then bucks, throwing the woman off. People gasp and scream, and the horse looks terrified, attempting to bite someone. Then the video stops.

A Yelp user with the handle Tori S. posted a complaint on the club’s page : “Last night a horse was brought into this club and used as entertainment. I was happy to see the horse kicking the party goers. How disgusting. A night club is NOT a place for animals!”

Horse at Miami Beach nightclub causes outrage

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