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Entornointeligente.com / The trinidad Guardian / A Belmont man was left homeless yesterday after he accidentally torched his home in an attempt to get rid of a bee hive.

According to fire officials, the home-owner, Vernon Niles, lived in his Belmont Terrace home alone for the past 55 years.

Fire officers said, Niles told them he lit a torch and attached it to a rod which he used to burn out the insects which were nesting under his home.

Niles said he dropped the torch after he was attacked by the bees. He said he believed the fire was out.

His concrete structure with wooden flooring quickly caught ablaze. Police estimated the cost of the destroyed home to be $100,000.

Fire officers from the Belmont and Wrightson Road Fire Stations responded to the blaze which they said took place around 12.30 pm.

Head of the Fire Service Association, Leo Ramkissoon, who was among those who responded, praised the officers for ensuring that the blaze did not destroy neighbouring homes.

Ramkissoon singled out Fire Substation officer Parks, who responded to the call of duty even though he was off-duty.

Home torched while trying to kill bees

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