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Entornointeligente.com / The Trinidad Guardian / While hundreds of residents braved extensive floods in East, Central and North Trinidad yesterday, three families from Todd’s Road, Caparo, were left seeking shelter after unusually gusty winds blew off their roofs.

Last night, Juliet Joseph, Maria Gomez and Shena Marie De Leon were desperately trying to find safe and dry lodgings for their families.

De Leon said around 4 pm she was inside her house when she heard a loud crash.

“The entire back shed blow off and the next side of the house by the rooms also went. About quarter of the roof flew off. I was so confused, it sounded like a tsunami,” De Leon told the T&T Guardian.

“The galvanize was spinning and ended up by my neighbour house on the next side. I run by the neighbour because I get so scared.”

She said they had just returned from church and had settled down to eat Sunday lunch when they began hearing the “whoosh” of the wind.

“The neighbour’s roof just fly up and come down and then suddenly our house got clear and there was a different light coming in. When I looked up I saw the roof was gone. The galvanize fly off about 50 feet away. Right now we have people helping to take out the galvanize and we putting tarpaulins on. We cannot sleep in the house because all our clothes, beds and furniture soaked,” Juliet said.

While Joseph’s husband Melvin was busy hammering tarpaulins onto his roofless house, Juliet called for assistance from the authorities.

“We lost mattress, furniture, everything. When the roof blow off we tried to carry whatever we could save to the back of the house, which was still sheltered. Right now we do not know where we will go to spend the night,” Juliet said.

Last night, disaster management teams from the Couva Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporations were in the community distributing tarpaulins to the affected families. Villagers also rallied around each other and tried to cover the roofless houses as quickly as possible before more rain fell.

CTTRC chairman Henry Awong said most of the damage occurred at Todd’s Road, Las Lomas and Madras Road.

“We are responding by distributing tarpaulins so that people can have their roofs covered until better can be done. We are providing immediate relief to those affected by extensive flooding,” Awong said.

In the Cunupia region, heavy rains continued during the afternoon period, bringing flooding along Boy Cato Road. Residents said cockroaches and frogs became stuck in their fences as the deluge of floods swept through the area.

Meanwhile, Office of Disaster Preparedness head Capt Neville Wint said he was collecting reports from all the regional corporations to ascertain the level of damage.

“Apart from the roofs that we lost ,we have extensive flooding in the East West corridor and the ODPM is on standby to assist in incident responses,” Wint said.


High winds rip off roofs in Caparo

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