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Entornointeligente.com / Minister of Public Utilities Robert Le Hunte has said that the T&T Electricity Commission (T&TEC) through its plant, Trinidad Generation Unlimited, is poised to deepen its footprint in renewable energy and therefore when it starts to use renewable energy, the gas it uses to generate electricity can now be sold thus generating US-dollars for the country.

Le Hunte made the disclosure yesterday at the 2018 Energy Conference at the Hyatt hotel in Port-Of-Spain

According to Le Hunte, eight per cent of the gas produced by NGC goes to power generation.

Le Hunte’s comments come as complaints about the shortage of US currency due to low revenues from the Energy sector continue.

“It should be noted that if T&TEC continues to optimise its gas usage, thus using less gas to generate electricity, the excess gas can be sold to the downstream petrochemical industries. The benefits of that type of scenario would be the decreased use of foreign exchange to pay for the gas, and the increased earnings of foreign exchange when it is sold.”

He also spoke to reporters during the Coffee Break on Day 2 of the conference

Substantiating his point, Le Hunte said there is an opportunity cost with the use of gas, and unlike other Caribbean countries, the price at which we bring in renewables is going to be very important to us because, “even with the excess capacity and even if you have to bring on new renewables and bring on new PPAs, it might still be beneficial based on the gas that would be given up and the fact that we could sell that gas to bring in additional foreign exchange to us. This needs to be looked at. The maths behind it is getting closer and is something that requires being put on the agenda.”

What is clear Le Hunte said, is that there is need to be more efficient.

He said T&T is carrying a cost associated with providing gas for electricity generation which could have been utilised for other processes.

He noted that the current price of electricity has helped the country’s manufacturing sector and that T&T has gotten some benefits as a result, but “if we could allow for efficiency, if we could reduce the gas we use, we could have gas that could be sold and bring in revenue for us.”

Asked how much gas is expected to be saved as a result of T&TEC deepening its footprint in renewables he said, “we are not 100 per cent finished running the numbers and I can’t give you that particular figure.”

Referring to the individual consumer, Le Hunte urged members of the public to conserve electricity.

On the issue of the proposed rate increase in electricity, he said the Regulated Industries Commission (RIC) is expected to make a pronouncement on that issue by June.


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© Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra


© Roberto Pocaterra

© Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra

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