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25/06/2018 – MiamiHerald. / During his playing career, former Atlanta Braves outfielder Hank Aaron let his bat do most of the talking. As Aaron looks at sports today, the Baseball Hall of Famer sees an era where athletes are more vocal than ever before.

Speaking at the “Hank Aaron Champion for Justice Awards,” Aaron was asked about athletes using the attention they receive to voice their political opinions. Aaron did not hesitate to give his perspective on the intersection of politics and sports.

“I think they ought to voice their opinion, regardless of what one may think,” Aaron said, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “We didn’t get to where we are today because we kept our mouth closed or scratched our head and sat and didn’t do anything. If you have an opinion, then you should voice it and let people know that is your opinion and you’re not speaking for anybody but yourself.”

Aaron was then asked if he would go to the White House, as many athletes have declined to do. After initially joking about the question – “Go to the White House? You mean pass by it?” – Aaron gave a sincere response.



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