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Guatemala’s Congress Remains Against Judge Porras’ Swear-In

guatemalas_congress_remains_against_judge_porras_swear_in.jpg / She warned that people opposing her magistracy are those affected by rulings on corruption and impunity cases. 

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers Diego Garcia-Sayan criticized the “continued harassment” against the Judiciary branch in Guatemala where Congress refuses to swear in Judge Gloria Porras.


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The former chair of the Constitutional Court (CC) was re-elected to the post on March 4 by the Superior University Council of the University of San Carlos de Guatemala. She was due to resume her duties for another five-year term on April 14. The magistrate, however, has been the target of hate speech and stigmatization campaigns on social media and political persecution.

“I am extremely concerned about the systematic use of legal weapons to obstruct Judge Porras’ swearing-in… These actions are part of the weakening of the rule of law and judicial independence in the country,” Garcia-Sayan said.

Congress created a commission to remove Porras’ immunity after the Supreme Court admitted an impeachment request against her and Court magistrate Jose Vela last month. 

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— CIVICUS Monitor (@CIVICUSMonitor) March 29, 2021 Describing the congressional decision “as a punishment” to Porras’ work, jurist organizations noted that she has ruled with independence despite constant pressures from corruption and impunity networks.

“I have served the country from different spaces, and in none of them have I been singled out for any act of corruption or negligence,” Porras said.

“People who are trying to block my magistracy are all those who have been affected by the decisions adopted by the CC, especially when it comes to issues against corruption and impunity,” she added.

#Guatemala | The tragedy shocked public opinion on January 22, when residents of the border area with the US alerted Mexican authorities about two burned vehicles with 19 bodies inside, including 16 Guatemalans.

— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish) March 14, 2021

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