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The world of sport seems to be suffering from a severe bout of long COVID.

Take the Reggae Girlz, for example. They seemed to be going along nicely. Team spirit appeared admirable. Despite obvious preparation problems, their professionalism and performance on the field of play, although far from flawless, was of a high enough standard to get them comfortably through to the final stages of World Cup Qualifiers. Fans, disappointed by the Reggae Boyz scatter-shot tactics and questionable commitment to Jamaica, settled down to enjoy the Girlz’s journey, win or lose.

Then came that letter! That letter was leaked to media. Sensational details of the team’s disgraceful dressing-down of the coach were bruited about in the public domain and available for excruciating examination, scandalous sharing,and snickering suss.

What was the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) to do? It would be pusillanimous, putrid, pointless policy to allow a team to dismiss a coach, especially in such a public manner. So the JFF took the only decision available to it in the circumstances and stood by the coach.

Good on them!

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