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Dear Editor The Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association welcomes the ruling on the consequential orders and more so the commitment by all of the political players to abide by the said ruling and have a speedy resolution to the unprecedented situation faced by Guyana.

We are cognisant of the importance placed by the court with respect to the need for a functioning Elections Commission in order for credible elections to be held as soon as possible.  In this context we exhort the leaders of the two political parties to be fully engaged on a continuous and meaningful basis until a consequential solution is arrived at.

In so doing, we also exhort the political leaders to abide by the constitutional requirements and conditionalities as it relates to the criteria for the selection of nominees of chairman who should not have known affiliation/allegiance to any party. We do so given the grave consequences that could result in other local, regional and international judicial matters. Regards Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association

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