From OJT to manager â€" Natasha Wilson-Rosales - EntornoInteligente / Police Credit Union (PCU) may stand with financial services at its core, creating stability and wealth for a membership comprised of national security employees as well as regular citizenry, but being one of the oldest credit unions in the country, PCU counts customer service at the very heart of its being. At the forefront of that is Natasha Wilson-Rosales, Member Services manager, based at their Barataria office.

“I manage both the Member Services and the Loans Centre at our head office, addressing the expectations, issues and challenges that may come up with some approvals. So while we do a lot of administrative work at this office, we have to balance that with the fact that some members will want to directly speak with a manager in regard to their particular challenges,” Wilson-Rosales highlighted.

“My job is largely spent ensuring we are achieving our targets and that we monitor loans and stay within the guidelines we have, but it’s also spent interacting with our members too – the latter is where I would ideally like to see more of my time being spent,” she noted. “We don’t see our members as a file number, in fact, we often know so many of them by name and their story too.”

Wilson-Rosales has an interesting story herself; having spent her entire career with Police Credit Union, a testament to the working environment that is created to ensure a high quality of life for employees. She detailed that journey: “I came to PCU through the National Training Board in 1993, the precursor to the OJT programme, but was here for just six months. At the end of that, I was hired for another six-month window. During both of those, I spent my time in the mailing department as well as at the video club which was a service we offered to our members in the days of VHS and Beta cassettes,” she added with a laugh.

Having enjoyed her time with the organisation, she petitioned then general manager, Egbert Lewis, to return at the end of her contract, but in a full-time position. A few weeks passed and she followed up, insistent that this was to be her place of work. She then received a call to come in for her first day, starting at the reception desk.

“I knew this was what I wanted and where I wanted to be,” she recalled. “I started at the front desk then moved to the Accounts Department as a clerk, then it was on to my time as a teller and finally into member services. I could not see myself working anywhere else at that point and even along the years when I was told about other positions or places of work, I knew that this was the place for me – a second home, almost.”

Such is her life intertwined with PCU, that her three sons are very much a part of the PCU family and have spent many evenings at the company’s head office while their mother tended to her work after their school day had ended. “My children grew up right here as the company grew. They would come in and chat with the staff and tend to their studies in the kitchen after school. It’s a work environment that allows us to share that family dynamic with our staff who are like our extended family, which in turn generates a more productive and happy employee,” she noted.

That sense of creating a strong family unit at home and at work was instilled in Wilson-Rosales by her grandmother who raised her. “I grew up with my grandparents and though they had ten children of which my mother was one, they welcomed me as an 11th child into their home. I was very close to my grandmother and learnt many positive things from her – being kind, punctual, neat and caring among those. I also learned to cook by watching and helping her.” Out of that experience, on weekends, Wilson-Rosales also adds another dimension to her life – that of entrepreneur. She makes a range of soups for sale to the public and people come from all locations to purchase them. She also believes in maintaining a healthy body and is a stalwart of PCU’s wellness programme, which includes early morning exercise sessions at the company from 6 am several days a week.

“PCU is the best credit union and I say that not simply because I work here but because I have spent my life here and seen that it is, with my very own eyes. We have the right staff and appropriate processes and technology here for members so that they can walk in and find a helpful team member and get their loan cheque on the same day if it’s warranted, in the right circumstances. We have staff who guide and assist based on their needs and we are constantly training and innovating to be more customer-oriented,” Wilson-Rosales added. She leads by example in that regard, “I know what it’s like to have just five dollars to your name and to have an immediate need for your family or yourself. We are willing to listen above all, to the context of the situation and not just look at the numbers on paper. Satisfying the individual member, whether a police office or a general member of the public is our utmost priority. We want you to have your needs met and we also want you to leave happy as if we are a family helping our own.”


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