Flights cancelled in Malaysia over haze as cloud seeding operations continue - EntornoInteligente /

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept. 20 (Xinhua) — Poor visibility caused by persistent haze forced the cancellation of three flights on Friday in Malaysia as authorities continue cloud seeding operations to alleviate the haze.

Airport general manager Mohd Ali Osman said the incoming flights, two domestic ones from Johor state and one international flight from Singapore, had to be called off due to poor visibility, according to state news agency Bernama.

Meanwhile, officials at Sarawak state on North Borneo, which borders the Indonesian parts of the Kalimantan Island, said a three-day cloud seeding operation would be conducted in several districts in the hopes of improving “hazardous” air quality after the Air Pollution Index (API) in the Sri Aman district recorded over 400 API.

Schools have been closed across the countries while the authorities advised the public to stay indoor.

According to the country’s air quality rating, an Air Pollution Index (API) reading of zero to 50 is “good,” 51 to 100 “moderate,” 101 to 200 “unhealthy,” 201 to 300 “very unhealthy,” and 301 and above is “hazardous.”

The Sarawak state is facing some 200 hectares of forest fires, as firefighters and emergency personnel were working on building fire breaks to contain the spread of the fires and the country’s coast guard is scheduled to use its Bombardier firefighting aircraft to put out the fires.


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