Fashion icon Sandra-Lee’s life and legacy in dancehall

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Should Sandra-Lee Smith enter a party and see someone wearing her ensemble, she’s leaving. Better yet, «If I travel or go to a store in Jamaica and there’s only two or three pieces (of something I love), I grab all of them because I want to have all of them,» she told The Sunday Gleaner .

It may sound extreme but it’s fitting for the dancehall stalwart who helped pioneer the ‘80s and ‘90s eras of dancehall fashion which was fiercely original, and never to be seen twice.

Some of her looks are documented throughout her St Andrew abode, and she describes a few before settling on a chaise lounge in her vintage Hollywood, French chic and Bohemian-styled living room.

There’s one particular photo that stands out: an almost ceiling-to-floor frame of Sandra-Lee in a silver gown at House of Leo, complete with her signature high-blushed, pale makeup and unibrow. The latter she inherited from her Maroon Rastafarian father who raised her in Rose Town, west Kingston, alongside her mother who was a dancehall promoter.

«While coming up, I always saw them keeping dances in the yard… After the party, we, the smaller ones, would pick up the bottles and this is how it becomes an integrated part in our lives, so I grow up using it as an income also,» she shared.

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