Far-right group members arrested in Germany over plot to kidnap minister

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State criminal police have arrested four suspects from the «United Patriots» group, who are accused of «preparing explosive attacks» as well as the «kidnapping of well-known public figures». The group had planned to kidnap important figures including Health Minister Karl Lauterbach who said he was «appalled» by the news. (AP) Four people have been arrested in Germany and weapons have been seized in an investigation into suspected anti-government extremists who allegedly planned to cause a long nationwide blackout and kidnap well-known figures including the country's health minister, authorities said.

Prosecutors in Koblenz and Rhineland-Palatinate's state criminal police office said on Thursday that raids were carried out at 20 properties across Germany following an investigation launched in October. 

The suspects were members of a chat group called «United Patriots» on the Telegram messaging service.

Investigators said the suspects were associated with the protest movement against coronavirus restrictions and with the Reich Citizens movement, which disputes the legitimacy of the post-World War II German constitution and, by extension, the current government. In all, 12 people are under investigation.

Authorities said the group's declared aim was to destroy electricity supply facilities and cause a long blackout across the country, with the goal of producing «conditions similar to civil war» and ultimately overthrowing the country's democratic system.

Police seized 22 firearms, including a Kalashnikov rifle, along with hundreds of rounds of ammunition, thousands of euros in cash and numerous gold bars and silver coins. They also found forged Covid-19 vaccination and test certificates.

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said he was «appalled» by the news and thanked investigators.

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‘A new quality of threat’

The suspects, all German citizens, are accused of preparing a serious act of violence and of violating weapons laws.

«We are dealing with a mixture consisting of conspiracy theorists, opponents of vaccination but also Reich Citizens that we hadn’t seen in this form so far,» said the head of Rhineland-Palatinate state’s criminal police office, Johannes Kunz.

He said group members repeatedly expressed their disdain for the German state, among other things expressing the wish that Russian President Vladimir Putin should not just attack Ukraine but also invade Germany, news agency dpa reported.

Prosecutor Juergen Brauer said the group’s procurement of weapons and money made clear to investigators that «we are dealing not just with cranks, but with dangerous criminals who want to implement their plans.»

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said that the investigation pointed to «a serious terrorist threat,» and that the Lauterbach kidnapping plan and fantasies about overthrowing democracy constitute «a new quality of threat.»

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