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25/06/2018 – MiamiHerald. / The Trump administration is developing a plan that would give parents who are caught crossing the border illegally a difficult choice: Remain detained with their child in a large tent city or give up custody of their child, at least temporarily, according to two sources who have discussed the plans with administration officials.

The proposal is being considered as part of a hastily crafted solution to the problem of complying with President Donald Trump‘s executive order last week that ended his administration’s policy of separating parents and children arrested at the border.

The idea is a way to side-step a major legal road block that prevents Trump from fully implementing his executive order to keep parents and children detained during their court proceedings. Current law prohibits the federal government from keeping children detained, even with their parents, in immigration detention for more than 20 days.

But, if a parent does not wish the child to be released from custody and taken away from them, the so-called Flores court settlement notes the parent can keep the child with them in custody. More than 2,000 Latin American children have been placed in shelters or foster homes since the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” plan went into effect.


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