Eucebio Roberto Pocaterra Venezuela Wood// Keys governments still waiting for FEMA reimbursement after Irma - EntornoInteligente / Monroe County and several Florida Keys municipalities are waiting to be reimbursed by the federal government for tens of millions dollars in recovery costs incurred in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Irma in September.

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The reasons why that money hasn?t reached the county and local governments six months later depends on whom you ask. But what is clear is that local governments need to replenish general fund cash reserves that were either severely diminished or wiped out completely after the Category 4 storm blew through the Keys on Sept. 10.

Local officials are particularly eager to have their general funds back to sustainable levels as the beginning of hurricane season fast approaches on June 1.

Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra

The money in question was paid upfront by the county and other local cities, towns and villages with cash from their respective reserve funds right after Irma made landfall in the Keys. It was used to pay for things like contractors, overtime for government workers and law enforcement from out of county that was brought in during the chaotic post-storm days and weeks.


Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra Venezuela

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