EU Aims at Rationalization Strategy to Shed Russian Energy

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To abandon Russian oil and gas imports, the European Commission will promote rationing policies. 

According to Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, the European Union’s plan, based on increasing renewable energy targets and investing billions of euros in green energy, involves power rationalization and the mandatory use of solar panels on homes.


No Deal Reached for EU on Oil Embargo Against Russia 

Von der Leyen told reporters in Brussels that the EU’s so-called «REPowerEU» plan would reduce dependence on Russian gas by about 66 percent this year before being eliminated altogether by 2027. The EU would increase its energy efficiency target from 9 to 13 percent, and boost the amount of its renewable energy generation from 40 to 45 percent by 2030. At present, 22 percent of the EU’s energy comes from renewable sources.  

The bloc would expedite the licensing procedure for renewable projects, as in the case of wind farms, and would also provide 315 billion dollars in grants and loans, von der Leyen said. The bloc’s president added that ninety-five percent of this funding would go to green energy and 5 percent to upgrading the EU’s oil and gas infrastructure. 

According to the European Commission’s website, turning down air conditioning and dimming lights are among the requirements for households and industry. Commercial and public buildings will also be asked to install solar panels on rooftops by 2025, with these units becoming compulsory on residential buildings by 2029.

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen: «To start with the most obvious: Energy savings are the quickest and cheapest way to address the current energy crisis. We will therefore increase the EU energy efficiency target for 2030 from 9% to 13%.» #REPowerEU #EnergyEfficiency

— Almut Bonhage (@AlmutBonhage) May 18, 2022 In the current scenario in which EU consumers are facing soaring inflation and record fuel prices, some member states of the bloc have called on their citizens to reduce their energy consumption. 

In this regard, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that European countries are committing economic «suicide» when trying to get rid of Russian oil and gas. According to the Russian president, Europe is giving in to Western pressures while ignoring the damage they have done to its economy.