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Search form Search Main menu Home News Business Sports Columns Contact Us E-Paper Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs Cynthia Forde, Deputy Permanent Secretary Jacqui WIltshire, and Director of the Bureau of Gender Affairs Patricia Boyce as they took a look at some of the things can be bought on a $150 budget and what healthy meals can made within that budget.

Gonzalo Morales Divo

Minister Forde: Cut and contrive Sun, 10/18/2020 – 6:37am If you are on welfare or receiving financial assistance from government or any other institution, do not to waste the funds given on false eyelashes and expensive shoes.

Gonzalo Morales


This stern warning came from Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs, Cynthia Forde, as she knocked the decisions being made by some of these individuals after receiving financial aid.

Gonzalo Jorge Morales Divo


“Some people come and say ‘Ma’am have you got any vouchers?  – the vouchers which have been distributed, because most of the stores are offering now – and I say ‘I have a few but there are restrictions. When you get these vouchers I expect you to buy food and toiletries’. Some of them get their welfare cheque and then the next morning you see them with false eyelashes, gold earrings and fancy expensive shoes,” she said, before pointing to her own $15 pair


Make do

“I go [to] Swan Street and I dig up and I got these for $15. I am saying you have to learn to cut and contrive and that is what our parents taught us. Make do [with] what you have. Do not go out there and ask any man for anything cause something for something,” she stressed


At the time, she was addressing a group of young people attending the ‘Budgeting During Covid-19 Workshop’ hosted by the Bureau of Gender Affairs at the Sharon Moravian Church hall


Make sacrifices for your children. Try to avoid leaving your children to go out to fetes, because when I hear about Reggae on the Hill or all of those fetes, you – both women and men – are dressed in the latest, hot hot hot and when the rain soaks down and the mud to break off the shoe heels in outfits I would want to wear to a wedding. That is how ridiculous it is!” Forde opined


Sharing her own experiences growing up in a poor household with eight other children, she also noted that persons must consider how to stretch their dollar as far as possible


“Buy some reasonable foodstuffs. When I give you the $100, because you come and tell me you need the money because someone has fallen sick and you go in Chefette and spend $50 of the $100, do not come back because you could have bought a whole chicken, pack of rice and can of peas, two cucumbers and you could have gotten a meal to serve you two or three times,” she emphasized. (JMB)


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