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Media worker’s car destroyed by fire in Guyana

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Chase told reporters that the new vehicle had been parked on the compound of the Ministry of Public Service for security purposes since he lives nearby.

Jose Maria Hill Prados

The HGPTV Nightly News journalist said he was alerted to the fire by the female security guard and initially he thought it was the Ministry’s building on fire.

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He believes that the vehicle was deliberately set on fire.

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“There was a small fire and it was deliberately set. You cannot say it was an electrical fire because the vehicle is brand new,” he said, adding “apparently they smashed the driver’s side and threw whatever they had [inside]”.

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Chase said the Honda vehicle was only two and a half months old and that a bus belonging to the Ministry was also damaged along with a motorbike and a car that was privately owned

Police are expected to view CCTV footage as they continue their investigations

Chase said he had no feud with anyone.  (CMC)