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CHANDIGARH : The UT electricity department has refused to implement monthly billing system under which nearly 2.40 lakh power consumers residents could have ended up paying less in the city. Shortage of staff and software requirements were cited as the reasons for the rejection. This after the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (JERC) had directed the department to shift to the new billing system. “It has been observed that despite repeated directions of the commission, the petitioner (UT electricity department) has not yet moved to monthly billing from bi-monthly billing for domestic and commercial/non-residential category consumers. The commission takes serious note of this and directs the petitioner to implement monthly billing for all category of consumers (except agriculture) with immediate effect in accordance with the Supply Code Regulations, 2018 and submit the quarterly progress of the same to the commission,” the JERC had said in its previous order. The department, however, in its latest petition submitted before the JERC, stated, “At present, more than 85% consumers (domestic and commercial) are being billed bi-monthly. The conversion of meter reading from bi-monthly to monthly basis will lead to various problems, as there is an acute shortage of staff. Further, software is also required to be amended for monthly billing”. The department further said the work for installation of smart meters is in progress and far from completion — a step that will help in monthly billing. In the petition, the department had also not proposed any hike in power tariff for 2020-21. The department submitted before the JERC as there would be a total surplus of Rs 7.23 crore with the department, it has not proposed any power tariff hike. According to the last orders of the JERC, the new tariff would be applicable from June 1, 2019 and remain valid till further orders of the commission. Last time, there was hike in power tariff for 2018-19 financial year. At that time, the JERC had marginally increased rates in domestic and commercial categories and reduced them in the industrial category. In the domestic category, rates were increased in 2018-19 from Rs 2.55 to Rs 2.75 in the slab of 0-150 units, while there was no change in the rate of Rs 4.80 in the slab of 151-400 unit. In the slab of above 400 units, the rate was increased from Rs 5 to Rs 5.20 per unit. Along similar lines, a small increase in the commercial consumer category was also made in 2018-19. In the commercial category, there was no change in the rate of Rs 5 in the slab between 0-150, while in slab of 151-400, the rate was increased from Rs 5.20 to Rs 5.30 per unit. In above 400 slab, the rate was increased from Rs 5.45 to Rs 5.60 per unit. Follow and connect with us on Twitter , Facebook , Linkedin


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