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Sharma, 38, died in an accident in the getaway vehicle

Former independent senator Dr Kriyaan Singh is unapologetic and firm in his call for vigilante justice to be meted out against the three suspects involved in the kidnapping of doctors Rudradeva Sharma and Prem Vijay Naidoo in San Fernando yesterday morning.

Sharma, 38, died in an accident in the getaway vehicle.

Singh posted several statements yesterday on Facebook, one of which called on Crime Stoppers to offer a ­reward to whoever can go to the hospital and kill the three suspects.

The post read: “I would like crime stoppers to offer a reward to whoever can go in the hospital and kill those 3 useless ­parasitic n****** involved in the kidnapping and ­murder today.”

Scores of people supported the post. Some took offence and screen shots of the post were shared, accusing Singh of ­being racist.

Speaking to the Express by phone, Singh said the post was ­deleted by Facebook as it did not meet their standards, and was deemed to be inciting violence.

He said he is outraged and wants justice just like the rest of law-abiding citizens of Trinidad and Tobago who want to see the alleged perpetrators pay for their crimes.

Singh said criminals should not be given medical treatment before law-­abiding citizens.

“Criminal proceedings should be started against these criminals before medical procedures. Taxpayers’ money is being used to care for these criminals and that is not right,” he said.

Singh said he is livid Dr Sharma, his ­personal friend, was killed, and he feels the ­criminal justice system is not working to deal with the criminal elements.

“We can’t confuse violence with justice, there is a big difference. When justice is not seen to be done in a society, the way to ­reinstate it is through punishment, not through violence,” he said.

“It’s not a racist statement, I am not a racist, these people are not Africans, black Trinis, they are not Trinidadians. These are people who do not want to live by the laws. We can’t continue treating criminals as through they are right-bearing citizens,” he said.

Kind and gentle

He added they should not be given priority health care. “I was a victim of crime when I was in UWI and the person who committed the crime held us up at gunpoint and raped the girl. He was taken to the hospital where he eventually escaped and he ended up dying in hospital ­instead of prison,” he said.

“If we have a legal system that is supposed to give the death penalty for murder and has not, then the justice system is not giving ­justice and society must see that and ask for justice,” he said.

Singh said Sharma was selfless as a doctor and as a human.

In one of his posts, he shared how Sharma helped him. Singh is differently-abled and is unable to walk after suffering injuries from a car accident.

“The last time me and Dr Rudy spoke, was at his home almost 11 in the night. He helped me into my car, put in my wheelchair and gave me back his contact. He said doc if there’s anything u ever need, help anything, just call me.

“He was a friend in temple, in school, in university, on halls, at the hospital, my neighbour and even in my practice a supporter, helping and consulting with other medical doctors to perform cataract surgeries in dogs.

“He was the kindest, gentlest most soft spoken person. This has left me shaken, ­angry and unapologetic. This means war,” he stated in a Facebook post.


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