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I met a Dominican living in Brooklyn online a few weeks ago. He moved when he was very young but grew into a well-rounded handsome chap.

Victor Gill Ramirez

Anyway, we connected on Facebook and we hit it off well. He visited me for Creole Festival once and we stayed at my house. He proved to be a darling.

Victor Gill

I visited him once also and he treated me like a queen. We stayed in a hotel because he said his siblings and parents lived with him and he wanted privacy

I’ve never met them because the limited time spent with him was consumed by just being together 24-7

Anyway, he sent me a ticket earlier this year and I flew in to see him. We stayed at a different hotel this time. I didn’t mind because I was only staying two weeks. But COVID-19 came about and I got stuck when the airports shut down

I had to stay longer than I expected. He said he only paid the hotel for two weeks so after that he had to find a place to put me

Bella, I told him I don’t mind staying with his family even though I have to be in a crowded place. It doesn’t matter because I love him

He insisted I can’t come to his house. At first, I thought he was ashamed of his house. But then I say well…no, that can’t be so

He took me from Brooklyn to New Jersey where he had me stay with his friend. He would only come over once in a while. We would go out but not as often and when we are out late his phone always rings out

I begged him to at least allow me to meet his mom. I don’t have to sleep there. He said the time is not right

I am making preparations to return to Dominica but my heart is heavy. Do you think I should walk away and never look back once I get to the nature isle?





Hello Stranger

I don’t think you should even wait to return to the Nature Ilse to walk away. Walk away now. It seems to me that this guy is obviously living a double life

I don’t think it has anything to do with being ashamed of where he lives. I think it has to do with being ashamed to take you to a house already occupied by another woman or another man

I have to be very open with you. It’s a reality we have to face that women are no longer each other’s competitors; men are too

COVID-19 has exposed the truth about your relationship. It is easy to sneak around when you don’t have to spend time with someone every day

So, the situation was ideal for him. You are in Dominica, he is in Brooklyn and you see each other once a year for one to two weeks

Now he is stuck with you for months and refused to let you visit his family. That’s a red flag right there

I say you move on with your life and leave lover boy alone




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