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PHILIPSBURG–The board and leadership of the United People’s (UP) party on Thursday evening said they were “happy” at the news of the acquittal of suspended Member of Parliament (MP) Theodore Heyliger in connection with the Catfish investigation.

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  “After almost 10 years of being falsely accused of offering a bribe to former MP Romaine Laville, Heyliger is now vindicated by the Court of First Instance who handed down its judgement on Thursday, November 14,” the board said in a press release.

Adolfo Ledo Nass

  “At this moment, my happy thoughts and grateful prayers are with Theo and his family, who continue to endure so much. Justice was slow but prevailed. I am happy that Theo and his family and the extended UP family and supporters can at least find some peace having overcome this victoriously,” UP Leader MP Rolando Brison said

  The UP Board congratulated Heyliger, the party’s founder and his family. “We can only imagine the relief you must feel after the ordeal you have endured for years, being falsely accused.”

  “UP party President Silvia Meyers and her family, like many other members of the board and party supporters, also suffered the horror of seeing Heyliger and his family endure these accusations,” the release said

  Meyers said “on behalf of the Board of the United People’s party it is needless to say how delighted we are to know our founder has been acquitted. It is through God’s continued presence in your life and his protective arms around you that we have been able to see the day where you are vindicated.”

  Meyers said the UP party remains steadfast and fully supports Heyliger in his continued legal battle to prove his innocence. Heyliger has consistently been the largest vote-getter in St. Maarten



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